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YDS Press Release

Making open data more transparent and more accessible – that is the main goal of YourDataStories. With only one month left to go, the project team is making final tweaks to the platform, to wrap up the project with a stable solution supporting potential users in finding, analysing and creating data-driven stories on financial flows.

Over the course of three years, YourDataStories developed a highly customizable online platform for data exploitation focused on the transparency of financial flows by empowering more collaboration and participation in their analysis. Making data more accessible, Following a simplified process, YourDataStories offers an all-in-one workflow (from finding data to publishing a story) that lowers the barriers of doing data analysis. It finally allows users to interconnect, search, analyse, explore and understand available data in one tool.

Whom is the platform for?

Journalist, data experts and basically everyone who is interested in exploring data. This is why YDS is and remains to be a freely accessible tool. While the prototype focuses on three specific use cases, the data model allows adding new datasets, opening the platform for a much broader use beyond the examples.

The technology behind YDS

Underlying the platform is a Linked Open Economy (LOE) based on widely adopted methodologies and techniques, aligned with existing ontologies and vocabularies. This allows for a delivery of over 200 million triples of interlinked data via three separate channels – for traditional web developers and Linked Data experts alike.

The project team is currently running the final evaluations of the prototype, but both the platform and the technical details are already publicly available for testing and further development. While the funding of the project through the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 645886 is coming to an end this January, the website and the platform will further be available online for the next two years.

If you are interested in more details on how the platform works or want to make use of the project’s results, please contact the project coordinator Anna Triantafillou from ATC.

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About the author : Eva Lopez (DW)