Projects we are connected with

YourDataStories is cooperating with several other Horizon2020 projects that share one or several common research goals. This list gives you an overview of our current connections.

linda_logo   LinDA
LinDA is an open-source package of Linked Data for enterprises to easily publish data in the Linked Data Format, interlink them with other data, analyse them and create visualisations.
route-to-pa-logo   Route To PA
ROUTE-TO-PA is a multidisciplinary innovation project, that, by combining expertise and research in the fields of e-government, computer science, learning science and economy, is aiming at improving the impact, towards citizens and within society, of ICT-based technology platforms for transparency.
OpenCube Logo   Route To PA
OpenCube aims at developing software tools that facilitate (a) publishing of high-quality Linked Statistical Data and (b) reusing distributed Linked Statistical Data in data analytics and visualisations.
BigDataEurope Logo   Big Data Europe
Big Data Europe is a European initiative managing the foundational work for enabling European companies to build innovative multilingual products and services based on semantically interoperable, large-scale, multi-lingual data assets and knowledge, available under a variety of licenses and business models.
openbudgets_logo   OpenBudgets
The OpenBudgets platform is designed for public administrations, citizens, NGOs, media organisations, public service companies, and stakeholders working with fiscal data. The key challenge is to provide a scalable platform that is easy-to-use, flexible, and attractive for all these different types of users. This will be realized by providing an open-source software framework and accompanying Software-As-A-Service (SAAS) platform around fiscal transparency and open budgets.
digiwhist-logo   Digiwhist
DIGIWHIST aims at empowering society to combat public sector corruption. It is the digital whistleblower that assesses fiscal transparency, risk assessment and the impact of good governance policies.
WeLive Logo   WeLive
WeLive aims to bridge the gap between innovation and adoption of open government services and to catalyse public services by empowering citizens and businesses to directly participate in the design, creation, selection and delivery of some of the public services in the form of mobile apps.