The research scenarios we are using

We have chosen three different scenarios to put our ideas to life. Each of these scenarios focuses on a different Use Case of the envisioned application, showcasing the possibilites and features of the YourDataStories Project.

Use Case 1   Follow Public Money (FPM)
The first pilot aims at advancing fiscal transparency and participation through the intelligent and personalized re-purposing from citizens and businesses of large volumes of publicly available data. Our effort builds on the open dataset provided from the Greek Transparency Program Initiative (GTPI) and the experience combined with methodological foundations that have been emerged from the Public Spending project. The nucleus of our scenarios is the GTPI, the most progressive transparency effort in global scale, since it is based on a comprehensive, pro-active, real-time, and machine-processable open data provision.
Use Case 2   Tracking Development Aid in the Netherlands
The Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs is supporting many development projects across a broad range of countries, but has recently announced that it will cut Dutch Official Development Assistance (ODA) by 50% from 2015. The ministry also decided that at the same time it would be keen to support new projects that provide a RΟΙ for the Dutch economy and work with particularly innovative methods. Accordingly, Dutch as well as local development NGOs are protesting. They argue that crucial humanitarian projects will come to a premature end, thus invalidating experiences and efforts built up over long time periods. This debate has attracted the attention of a team of Dutch journalists. Aim of the use case is to increase the transparency of public spendings through data-driven journalism.
Use Case 3   Cross-Europe Financial Comparability
This pilot is based in Ireland but examines data at 3 levels: at the EU level, at National level and at Local level with a particular focus on Galway City in comparison to other EU cities. The pilot focuses on data relating to infrastructure projects and funding from the EU budget paid by the Commission directly, and beneficiaries of the European Development Fund. EU level data is based on the European tenders system Tenders Electronic Daily (TED). Working with Open Data from EU Tenders allows us to compare tenders right across the EU with a particular focus on Ireland and Greece. All tenders valued at over €200K in the EU are mandated to be published. At a national level pilot 3 focuses on data from the Irish open data portal This portal is fed from multiple public bodies and Government departments. The available data on this portal is being used to tell multiple data stories. At a local level, pilot 3 examines data from Fix Your Street in Ireland. This is a website that allows citizens from every local authority area in Ireland to highlight issues or problems and get them directly fixed by their council. The approach of focusing on data at EU, National and Local levels allows interrelationships between datasets at three levels of governance to be explored using YDS.