Where are we headed?

Blue_Arrow   YourDataStories envisions to combine and fuse the two “suppliers” of open data (traditional producers and user-generated content) and to exploit the added value from this amalgamation in order to better satisfy the needs of the “demand side” – meaning citizens, journalists and others.
Blue_Arrow   YourDataStories wants to develop the required software stack that will enable the Open Government Data (OGD) to reach citizens in their everyday online life, inside the digital social interaction they are already familiar with, acquiring a significant role in citizen’s social activity.
Blue_Arrow   The project will cater the publishers of open governmental data on how to foster meaningful and useful government data publication, by bridging the gap between the “supply side” and the “demand side”. In this context, YourDataStories aims to meet the citizen and business needs by putting open data into good and innovative uses, promoting data use, re-use and re-purposing, ultimately enhancing transparency and corruption fighting.
Blue_Arrow   The idea for YDS is to act like an interactive canvas to enable data citizens to (re)write their own data history.