The Art of Transforming Data into Great Stories

What happened recently in the world of data visualization? This series provides you with remarkable visualizations –remarkably beautiful, remarkably interactive or simply remarkably interesting. Visualizations differ on so many levels, and so does their content. Let’s take a look at what week #16 brought us.

How the Big 5 tech companies make their money

Sometimes, all you need for a good analysis is a couple of pie charts. The Business Insider took a look at the revenue streams of tech giants Alphabet, Apple, Facebook, Amazon, and Microsoft — with interesting results. Such as the fact that Apple still depends heavily on selling the iPhone (a device that was introduced ten years ago), whereas Microsoft has a pretty mixed portfolio these days.


How we excel at ruining the planet’s climate

Static stacked line charts aren’t too sexy either, but they sure drive home a horrifying message in this post by Climate Central (which builds on data by National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration): The atmospheric carbon dioxide concentration has just reached another all-time high. Earth is still heating up, the Arctic is radically changing, sea levels are rising, there will be more floodings – it’s high time we all take serious countermeasures.


How author gender and commercial success of novels are related in the US

In a very sophisticated post using a variety of neatly designed diagrams and lists, The Pudding explores how women in the US have finally become (somewhat) on par with men on the prestiguous New York Times Best Seller list in the last couple of decades – and what might be stopping further positive development. This DDJ piece is not only carried by great visuals, but also by great writing.


About the author : Alexander Plaum