In-depth discussion at first Focus Group for Pilot 2


When & Where?

The first evaluation of Pilot 2 in form of a focus group took place on June 8th, 2016 in Bonn, Germany

How did it go?

As Pilot 2 is a joint-effort between EJC and DW, the focus group at Deutsche Welle was the first of two meetings, focusing on the YDS pilot 2 prototype. It was successfully completed at Deutsche Welle premises in Bonn, Germany with a group of data journalists, data experts and developers.

Being presented with the current state of the YDS prototype and the pilot 2 user story, the participants experienced the different features on display and were able to give direct feedback. They also had the chance to experience the prototype first hand, always being accompanied by a member of the YDS consortium. The session concluded with a discussion among participants of what they liked best and where they still saw room for improvement.

The session was organised by Deutsche Welle and moderated by EJC.

IMG_9979 IMG_9976

About the author : Tilman Wagner (DW)