Presenting YDS at the Global Media Forum 2016 to an international Media audience


What is it?

The Deutsche Welle Global Media Forum is DW’s annual international media conference. It offers a platform to discuss the role of media in civic and political society and allows around 2000 people from 2.000 the globe and the media field to come together and to discuss a variety of current issues addressing media trends, foreign policy and their impact on helping overcome the challenges of global development. The event is always accompanied by a series of workshops and presentations regarding recent developments in the media field.

When & Where?

The GMF took place from July 13-15, 2016 at the World Conference Center in Bonn, Germany

YDS Activities

As part of a set of presentations, the DW Innovation team presented YDS in the context of data driven journalism and research into data as a means of storytelling. The presentation attracted a nice and interested audience of international media experts and was followed by a short discussion on the topic. YourDataStories was represented by Mirko Lorenz and Tilman Wagner (both DW).

Audience Flyers


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