YDS participates in IODC16 panel on Linked Data


What is it?

The IODC considers itself the essential meeting point for the global community to debate and study the future of open data. The conference invites policy makers and public sector information (PSI) holders, private companies, startups and freelancers, activists and NGO’s, data journalists and representatives of civil society from all over the world to come together to build stronger relationships between open data initiatives from the different governments and to establish an open dialogue. The goal is to define tendencies and establish global policies of collaboration, with the objective of stimulating the progress of open data globally.

When & Where?

The International Open Data Conference (IODC16) took place from October 6-7, 2016 at IFEMA Feria, in Madrid, Spain

YDS Activities

This year’s edition of the IODC had a focus on the 3 main objectives:

  • Bring together the most innovative and practical Open Data solutions that are driving social and economic impact on areas such as health, gender, cities, education, science, agriculture and many more.
  • Identify and explore both new opportunities and new debates that are shaping the Open Data agenda.
  • Consolidate an international partnership on Open Data able to drive the development of global common resources for the international Open Data community.

YourDataStories was present at the conference with two members as regular participants as well as part of a panel discussion on “Data and Accountability” visited by around 40 people. Michalis Vafopoulos (NCSR-D) held a presentation on the “Linked open economy: Tak(ing) full advantage of economic data”. His talk focused on the following three points:

  1. Traditional economic data and Official Statistics have not been designed to serve accountability in the economy
  2. For efficient economic transparency and accountability more open and standardized data is needed
  3. Economic open data should be fit in existing or new economic models in order to form policy propositions in government and business levels

YourDataStories was part of this presentation as one example using linked data to find connections within large datasets.

Left: Participants in the panel on Data and Accountability | Right: Lukasz Porwol (Insight Center); Michalis Vafopoulos (NCSR-D)

Left: Participants in the panel on Data and Accountability | Right: Lukasz Porwol (Insight Center); Michalis Vafopoulos (NCSR-D)


About the author : Tilman Wagner (DW)