What is the YourDataStories platform good for?

YourDataStories is an interactive platform to help you find, explore and visualise #opendata in one place. Interested in how you can make use of the platform, gain new insights and what kind of open data to expect?
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YDS explained in words

As taxpayers, we like to know what’s happening with our money. Especially, when it seems the money is not well spent. But sometimes we are just curious. The current database allows you to follow financial flows concerning:

  • Greek road construction
  • International trade and economic development aid, emphasising on the Netherlands and Zimbabwe (test here)
  • Public money flows across Europe, focusing on Ireland and Galway City (test here)
YourDataStory Platform - Screenshot

The YourDataStory Platform


What to expect?

We have chosen a visual approach to simplify digging into (linked) data available on our platform – we aim to lower the barriers to find the stories hidden within the data. Thanks to the platform you can explore and pick what sticks out, visualise it, write some explanation and publish it directly on the YDS platform. Care for some examples? Check out our first stories on Dutch aid activities here or traffic analysis in Ireland here.

YourDataStories is an EU-funded research project, making its results freely available for testing purposes. The YDS platform is a prototype with a limited amount of datasets, focusing on the three aforementioned use cases. If you have any questions about our work, the data or a possible reuse of data modules, contact us via yourdatastories@gmail.com.

About the author : Eva Lopez (DW)