How are we going to proceed?

The work structure of the project reflects the whole lifecycle of YDS, i.e. the design, implementation, monitoring and feedback from end-users, for an integrated end-to-end approach. The three years work is going to be separated into these different packages:

WP1   Project Coordination
Support the project in succeeding its goal through strong coordination and continuous monitoring, assessment and reporting.
WP2   Conceptual Architecture, User Needs Analysis and Design
Establish the overall architectural design for the YourDataStories platform, taking into account the full range of requirements for such a service.
WP3   Data Layer
Gathering of data, their management, their storage, and their availability to other components of YDS through suitable programming interfaces and services
WP4   Customisation of Platform Modules
Align and tailor existing technologies and components to the aims of YourDataStories. Deliver components readily usable in the YourDataStories software stack, filling in all the levels of the YourDataStories architecture beyond the Data Layer
WP5   Your Data Stories’ Platform Integration
Integrate the components and services delivered by the other work packages into the YDS platform through an iterative approach, creating an integrated prototype, aiming for a for a good user experience.
WP6   Pilots Deployment and Evaluation
Understand the behaviour of users’ communities and evaluate the YDS applications with potential users, ensuring a smooth and adequate running of the pilot case studies.
WP7   Dissemination and Exploitation
Promote the projects work to an active research community and beyond. Supporting dissemnation activities through adequate materials like a website, flyers and social media usage.