Storython – The Traffic Observation Dashboard

Where to build a new street? Should we replace the junction with conventional traffic lights to prevent traffic jams? Where to put Park & Ride Site in Galway city? Answers can be find in using and visualising data.

The Storython event in Galway in October 2017 brought together people with different skill sets: data experts, journalists, developer, business analysts and community activists. Three teams of five people each were working to create the best digital story from the data collected in the YourDataStories project. And – of course – to test and challenge the new Galway traffic observation dashboard which is part of the overall YDS platform.

What they found out? The YDS platform enables user to easily access and interact with the public data and helps in making better and smarter decisions. Although, all teams identified that even more detailed data would have provided stronger stories.

You want to use the Galway Traffic Observation Dashboard? Try it out here.

The Storython “Using Galway Traffic Data to examine the impact of Public Projects” was organised by Insight Centre for Data Analytics and eGov Unit.

About the author : Tilman Wagner (DW)