Christina Elmer

image: Saima Altunkaya

Who are you?

Christina Elmer

What do you do?

I am the head of the data journalism team at Spiegel Online.

What’s YourDataStory?

My background is science journalism since I studied journalism and biology – that’s always where I felt most comfortable at. This is why I’ve always been used to work based on data and trying to attain insights by extracting information about the world, measuring it and evaluating it. It feels natural to me to find data sources in order to draw reliable conclusions. In journalism, that approach is very useful because you can discover so many more issues than simply guessing what’s out there in the real world.

Can we have a sneak preview about a project your team is currently working on?

There is this one project which I am very excited about. It is called #ÜberMorgen [‘the day after tomorrow’] and tackles the topic of sustainability. Among other things, we built an interactive world map that contains verification elements and interaction elements. The goal is to trigger interaction among the reader, the globe and international statistics. This is a funded project on which we collaborate with Lokaler. We have a lot of fun testing what is possible, and enjoy the development we make as a team.


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