YourDataStories Consortium Meeting in Athens

YDS Consortium Sept 2017

When & Where?

The 7th YDS Plenary Meeting took place on September 13th and 14th, 2017 in Athens, Greece.

Topics discussed

The 2-day consortium meeting, organised by GFOSS, focused on the current state of the project and exploitation opportunities for the project’s results. Technical partners presented the latest additions to the prototype, demonstrating, data graph navigation, country comparison and a dynamic dashboard among others.

All features will be evaluated in a further series of focus groups in the partnering countries, lead by EJC. The details of those focus groups, possible collaborations with partnering projects such as DigiWhist and OpenBudgets and separate expert user interviews for more in depth feedback from professionals, were also discussed.

With the end of the project drawing closer, the consortium is also actively looking for ways to promote the YDS results beyond the research phase. The team discussed the details of these steps during a business plan workshop lead by ATC. Focusing on two target groups, “Public Authorities and Media” and “Developers and SME’s”, the YDS consortium defined exploitable assets and identified licensing schemas, important to move from research to exploitation.

The meeting was closed with a good vision and enthusiasm towards the last months of the project.

About the author : Tilman Wagner (DW)